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Implement a strategy.
Prepare responses.
Protect your reputation.

Understanding the value of your online reputation is vital to navigating the new digitally connected world.

Negative media coverage, a leaked video or a tweet from an upset member of the public can snowball into an all-out communications crisis for any unprepared company. Companies targeted by activists, caught in the cross-fire of a political storm, or marred by negative online media can see real-world damage. This could include the forced resignation of a CEO, loss of a tender or M&A deal, to a plunge in a company’s share price. Online reputations matter for both companies and their leaders.

Companies and individuals no longer have the luxury of ignoring the impact of negatives online. While short-term negative coverage may come and go, the negative search results are there to stay, unless you do something about it.

That’s where out team can help.

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