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The business world is experiencing its greatest cultural disruption since the computer – the rise of the Industry Influencer. Industry Influencers are a new breed of business leaders, public figures and emerging talent who are leveraging their personal brands to grow an audience and establish themselves as an authority in their relevant industry.

These influencers use platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to engage directly with stakeholders, shareholders and the public. Doing this allows them to leapfrog their peers as ideal hires for companies looking for a new CEO, chairman or director to help lead their company into the new digital and social age.


Some call it a personal brand, but it’s really your reputation. DDI’s High Resolution Leadership study examined the difference in leadership skills among 250 candidates assessed for CEO potions. They found, compared to their peers who are not active on social media, CEO candidates who were engaging on social media were:

  • 89% better at empowering others
  • 52% stronger at compelling communication
  • 46% more influential
  • 36% better at cultivating networks
  • 19% more passionate for results
  • 16% better at making decisions

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